Thursday, September 12, 2019

5 Facts About IVF (& 5 Myths About It)

The following is a list of myths and facts about IVF by Jessica Sayers. Read the full article for details.

10) Myth: IVF means you'll have multiples 9) Fact: IVF does not guarantee success for having a baby 8) Myth: freezing your eggs for later IVF can weaken them 7) Fact: it can take a while before the eggs can be retrieved 6) Myth: women need IVF because they don't have good eggs 5) Fact: it's a multi-step process 4) Myth: kids born from IVF are different 3) Fact: IVF can be costly 2) Myth: you don't need to be worried about age for IVF 1) Fact: there are side effects to IVF

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